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CheMinistry is here to help you find a spark, rekindle a flickering flame, or reignite love gone cold by facilitating challenging conversations that lead to breakthroughs in your romantic partnership.

Chanel N. Scott's Book

Relationships Matter

“My vision for this book is to help purpose-driven men and women progressively elevate their love life to a level of trust, intimacy, and vulnerability that deeply nurtures the shared romantic connection.”


Relationships Matter is a work of the heart as Chanel has proven since the inception of CheMinistry that relationships matter to her. She wants to see men and women thrive in healthy relationships and has written this book for that cause.

In Relationships Matter, Chanel N. Scott gets real about relationships and shares anecdotes from her life to help readers achieve true partnership within their romantic relationship.

Healthy relationships are no accident. They are the result of intense self-work and elevated consideration of your partner. How you consider their feelings, past, emotional intelligence, and even desires all lend themselves to the success of your relationship. 

Creating CheMinistry has allowed Chanel to learn more about the issues that doom relationships bringing them to an early demise. 

In this book, Chanel shares lessons from her life that contribute to the overall well-being of long-lasting relationships and marriages. 

Keenly aware of the growth necessary to move beyond her past hurt, pain, and frustration, Chanel intimates portions of her life’s story to illuminate her journey of enlightenment and the establishment of a healthy self-awareness that makes her a suitable partner.

Relationships Matter is listed on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books A Million! 

You may also purchase your copy HERE on the website.

Meet the Creator of CheMinistry &
Author of Relationships Matter

Chanel N. Scott

"I love to start the conversations that we need to have about relationships!"

Chanel Scott, creator of CheMinistry, signature

In the realm of relationship talk, your go-to girl is Chanel N. Scott. 

She is the creator and executive producer of the  relationship talk show, CheMinistry.

CheMinistry offers a candid conversation among celebrity influencers that centers around relationship, romance and all the raucous in between.

Chanel has been dubbed the “Queen of Relationship Talk” largely in part to the way she moderates each discussion. Her quick wit and unapologetic sass make her feel like that girlfriend who is bold enough to say what everyone else only has the courage to think.

Notably, Chanel evokes transparent and candid dialogue on relational topics specifically geared toward sustaining intimate relationships between a man and a woman. 

Chanel Scott in yellow and orange pants outfit

See Chanel on "Crowned" &
"Relationships Matter"

“CROWNED” is an enthralling and empowering talk show featuring hosts Vivica A. Fox, Syleena Johnson, Lore’l, and Chanel Nicole Scott. This brand-new TV series provides an invigorating and unfiltered take on a “girls night out” conversation, exploring a wide array of personal experiences that resonate with both women and men. The show’s primary focus is on uplifting and supporting each other, symbolized by the idea of straightening each other’s crowns.

Viewers can anticipate candid and diverse perspectives on various topics throughout the show, offering an insightful and relatable experience. Moreover, each episode concludes with a captivating musical performance, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the show.

To catch up on previous episodes of “CROWNED,” you can visit the app store on your mobile device and access In The Black Network or visit their website at

“CROWNED” is set to become essential viewing for those seeking an authentic and empowering dialogue combined with engaging musical performances, making it a distinctive and captivating addition to the talk show landscape.

Love is in the air as “Relationships Matter” returns for Season 2, much to the delight of its eager audience. Following the overwhelming success of its inaugural season, viewers can once again engage in the insightful and heartwarming discussions that have made the show a beloved favorite.

Hosted by the dynamic team of Josh Powell and Chanel Nicole Scott, “Relationships Matter” Season 2 is poised to present even more compelling and enlightening content. Their adept hosting skills and genuine rapport create a welcoming space for guests and viewers, fostering an environment where meaningful conversations can flourish.

With the show’s return, the creators have hinted at exciting new segments, thought-provoking discussions, and heart-to-heart conversations that will deeply resonate with audiences. Emphasizing authenticity, empathy, and growth, “Relationships Matter” Season 2 is positioned to set a new standard for impactful relationship-focused programming.

Viewers can catch the show every Wednesday on In The Black Network by visiting their website at or by downloading the In The Black Network App from the app store on their mobile device to ensure they don’t miss a moment of the captivating Season 2.

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