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Move your Love Life to the Next Level

CheMinistry is here to help you find a spark, rekindle a flickering flame, or reignite love gone cold by facilitating challenging conversations that lead to breakthroughs in your romantic partnership.

now available! Chanel Scott's New Book

Relationships Matter

“My vision for this book is to help purpose-driven men and women progressively elevate their love life to a level of trust, intimacy, and vulnerability that deeply nurtures the shared romantic connection.”

Upcoming Event

Meet Chanel Scott, author, creator and executive producer of CheMinistry.
Chanel will be signing copies of her new book Relationships Matter on Saturday, April 15th from 11am to 3pm.
Bring your own copy or buy one at the book signing.

Image of Chanel Scott with her new book Relationships Matter promoting her upcoming book signing on April 15th

Meet the Creator of CheMinistry &
Author of Relationships Matter

Chanel Scott

"I love to start the conversations that we need to have about relationships!"

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In the realm of relationship talk, your go-to girl is Chanel N. Scott. 

She is the creator and executive producer of the all-new relationship talk show, CheMinistry, now airing on Fox Soul.

CheMinistry offers a candid conversation among celebrity influencers that centers around relationship, romance and all the raucous in between.

Chanel has been dubbed the “Queen of Relationship Talk” largely in part to the way she moderates each discussion. Her quick wit and unapologetic sass make her feel like that girlfriend who is bold enough to say what everyone else only has the courage to think.

Notably, Chanel evokes transparent and candid dialogue on relational topics specifically geared toward sustaining intimate relationships between a man and a woman. 

Chanel Nicole Scott

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healthy, loving relationships through open, honest communication.