There is nothing that requires more courage than sustaining an intimate relationship. 

Vulnerability is incredibly difficult to achieve and even more difficult to share. Revealing your deepest fears and insecurities to another person can be frightening and even discourage you from pursuing healthy relationships. 

It’s no surprise that so many people choose to forego vulnerability and relationships altogether, opting instead to live their lives on the surface, never forming a lasting connection with another person. 

We want to give you the tools to achieve and receive abundant love. You can abound in love and as a lover, but it is not an accident. 

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We’ve all experienced the disappointment of watching enthrallment dissipate as without warning, the chemistry of our relationship changes. Suddenly, the calls cease, the texts disappear and before you know it, your budding romance has reached stagnation.

CheMinistry is a relationship platform created to bridge the gap between purpose-driven men and women who desire to progressively move their love life to the next level.

Chanel Scott in yellow and orange pants outfit
Chanel Scott // Creator signature

Creator of CheMinistry & Author of Relationships Matter

Chanel N. Scott

“I just wanted to know the male perspective!”

To some, curiosity is a killer, but to Chanel Scott, it was an inspiration. It rivets the mind and the senses. 

CheMinistry is the embodiment of an interwoven process that tells Chanel’s story and flows to its next relationship platform.

After several years of unfruitful relationships, Chanel grew curious about the chronic missteps that doomed her romantic relationships.

While she knew there was much intrapersonal work needed, she sought to create a safe space for men to share their perspectives without condemnation.

With that, CheMinistry was born.

You see, CheMinistry is not just another artistic and innovative idea. It’s a philosophy, state of mind, and collage of experiences that emerged from Chanel’s life. 

Whether you’re ‘Single’ or ‘Married,’ we’ve all had that moment when we’ve found ourselves enthralled by someone and thought maybe this person has the potential to go to the next level...

...and then all of a sudden the chemistry begins to change—he stops calling, she stops texting—the relationship gets stuck in a place of stagnation.

Our Mission:

We endeavor to show men and women how to navigate the tumultuous terrain of 21st-century romantic relationships.

By facilitating conversations that sometimes strike fear in the hearts and minds of romantic partners, we place the burden of gaining understanding, restoring trust, and deepening the connection as the purpose of our platform.


CheMinistry is a space free of judgment and full of absolute love where transparent and candid dialogue is moderated by Chanel Scott. 

The panelists represent some of pop culture’s most prominent celebrities and influencers who uniquely articulate the intrinsic male and female perspectives in the context of romantic relationships.

Chanel expertly jump-starts the conversation by exploring the varying nuances of 21st-century romantic relationships. 

By first peeling back the layers of some of the more critical issues plaguing romantic relationships in today’s culture, the conversation creates a safety zone for panelists to acknowledge their fears, insecurities, and pain to help create a keener sense of awareness and a more objective perspective. 

As the audience is engaged in a series of intimate exchanges and compelling conversations, clarity is gained, and the hopes of abundant love are made possible.