Some couples say divorce is no option and have never faced a day without their partner. The reigning queen of relationship talk, Chanel Scott chose this panel because of their resilience when facing divorce and when public opinion said divorce or a breakup was the best option! Another reason to be in the room is a wealth of wisdom from Dr. Tartt who will help us navigate the relationship woes challenging our ongoing commitments

One thing is for sure, the CheMinistry platform has range. We go wherever the conversation with Chanel Scott and our celebrity panel goes and our #commitment episode taping didn’t disappoint! This panel shared from a real place of transparency and truth and when you watch this episode, we hope you experience what we did during taping. BTW, that’s all the more reason to join our LIVE studio audience! They always make our atmosphere electric and come ready for a good time and some real talk! ATL, you showed up BIG and we love you for that! 

As Chanel spoke with the Morrisons, The Tyler’s, The Piñas and Zellie and Dr. Tartt, we could see that the studio audience was really here for it! That real support means the world to us and we won’t forget you! 

Live from the CheMinistry Blue Carpet