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"How Do You Know When A Relationship Is Holding Your Career Back?"

February 28, 2023 | Article by Jasmine Browley| Source link

“Building a successful career is hard enough, so having a challenging personal life can be incredibly difficult to reconcile, particularly if you’re blinded by love. Despite the assumption that the personal should be left at home, romantic relationships deeply impact our professional trajectory….

Unfortunately, your significant other may not be rooting for you and it’s important to recognize the signs early so you can make an informed decision for your spirit and career. “


"How to Feel the Love on Valentine's Day as a Single Person"

February 7, 2023 | Article by DeAnna Taylor | Source link

“Being single during the Valentine’s Day season can come with some anxiety, or it can be the best thing ever. For Chanel Nicole Scott, the creator of Fox Soul’s CheMinistry, a relationship platform, she’s learned how to redefine the influence that cupid’s arrow has on her life and emotions during this time of year.”

Chanel gives “her insight on how to overcome the Valentine’s Day blues as single people, and how we too can shift the way we perceive the holiday.”


"5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays Single and Alone"

December 2022 | Article by Atiya Jordan | Source link

“Creator and visionary of Fox Soul’s #1 relationship platform, CheMinistry, Chanel Nicole Scott talked to BLACK ENTERPRISE about the challenges Black singles face during the holidays.

‘Black singles have the added layers of statistics and commentary that suggest we are challenged in having relationship success in generalmuch less during the holidays,’ Scott says.”

Read Chanel’s five tips for surviving the holidays single and alone.


"Love Yourself This Holiday Season...Tips for Surviving the Holidays"

December 22, 2022 | Article by Devyn Bakewell Assistant Managing Editor | Source link

“Christmas can be a very romantic time. From songs to mistletoe to just the cold weather, the holidays tend to make everyone want someone to cuddle up to.

However, in America, single people make up one-third of all households.

This is why creator and visionary of Fox Soul’s #1 relationship platform, “CheMinistry”, Chanel Nicole Scott has created five key tips for surviving the holidays single and alone.


"Key Tips to Turn Betrayal into a Profitable Testimony"

November 16, 2022 | Article by Veronica Charnell Media | Source link

“The relationship between the church and its congregation can be a complex issue. Some people find themselves leaving the church due to its culture and often venture into different forms of spiritual guidance. However, some feel that the church closed the door on them. The Creator of Fox Soul’s CheMinistry, Chanel Nicole Scott, created the relationship platform not only to bridge the gaps in relationships with men and women but was a core inspiration to her unfortunate relationship with the church.”

Read about Chanel’s six “Tips to Recover From Church Hurt”


"The Power To Change The Narrative"

October 21, 2022 | Article by Chanel Nicole Scott | Source link

“If they could see me now, what would they think of me?”

When I left Nashville, I was broken, lost, and without hope for a brighter future. I was heartbroken, jobless, and without any prospect of recovery, healing, or prosperity.

After my time in Nashville, I lived the darkest days of my life. To make matters worse, I knew that those in Nashville who knew my story or pieces of it only thought the worst of me. I despise being misunderstood, and even though I left so much of my truth unsaid, staying was more traumatic than leaving.